We have drafted a sample proclamation for you to submit to city, county, and state governments.

Encourage them to issue a proclamation recognizing September as Labor Union Appreciation Month!

If you would like assistance with this, please contact

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Click to Tweet: Unions have fought for workers’ rights since the beginning. It’s time we fight for them! Visit to learn more! #ThankAUnion 

Click to Tweet: We owe unions for the eight-hour weekday, the two-day weekend, and plenty of other rights we all enjoy today. #ThankAUnion 

Click to Tweet: Between right-to-work laws and gutted collective bargaining rights, unions are facing more attacks than ever. #ThankAUnion 

Click to Tweet: Women represented by unions earn an average of $212 more per week than women in non-union jobs. #ThankAUnion

Click to Tweet: Approximately 10.6 million of the 15.9 million workers covered by a union contract are women and/or people of color. #ThankAUnion 

Click to Tweet: Did you know that 13.6 percent of Black workers are covered by a collective bargaining agreement? #ThankAUnion

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AFSCME Area Local 3011
AFSCME Local 231
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AFSCME Local 3009
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Health Care for America Now Iowa
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Indivisible Iowa
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Iowa Alliance of Retired Americans
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Rep. Amy Nielsen
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Rod Sullivan, Johnson County Supervisor
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Sen. Herman C. Quirmbach
Sen. Amanda Ragan
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SEIU Local 199
Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 263
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Stacey Walker, Linn County Supervisor
Tax March Iowa
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