We have drafted a sample proclamation for you to submit to city, county, and state governments.

Encourage them to issue a proclamation recognizing September as Labor Union Appreciation Month!

If you would like assistance with this, please contact

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We owe unions for the eight-hour weekday, the two-day weekend, and plenty of other rights we all enjoy today. #ThankAUnion Click to tweet

Unions have fought for workers’ rights since the beginning. #ThankAUnion Click to tweet

Between right-to-work laws and gutted collective bargaining rights, unions are facing more attacks than ever. #ThankAUnion Click to tweet

Women represented by unions earn an average of $212 more per week than women in non-union jobs. #ThankAUnion Click to tweet

Approximately 10.6 million of the 16.3 million workers covered by a union contract are women and/or people of color. #ThankAUnion Click to tweet

14.5 percent of Black workers age 18 to 64 are covered by a collective bargaining agreement. #ThankAUnion Click to tweet

AFSCME Council 61
APWU Waterloo Local 451
Ben Rogers, Linn County Supervisor
Black Hawk Union Assembly
Central Iowa Neighbors
GPS Impact
Hawkeye Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Hedberg & Boulton, P.C.
Indivisible Iowa
Interfaith Alliance of Iowa
Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans
Iowa Citizen Action Network
Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
Iowa Main Street Alliance
Iowa Policy Project
Iowa Postal Workers Union
Iowa River Labor Coalition
Iowa Safe Schools
Iowa State Education Association
Iowa Voices
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Rep. Vicki Lensing
Rep. Jim Lykam
Rep. Mary Mascher
Rep. Heather Matson
Rep. Charlie McConkey
Rep. Amy Nielsen
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Rep. Art Staed
Rep. Sharon Steckman
Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell
Rep. Ross Wilburn
Rep. Mary Wolfe
Rod Sullivan, Johnson County Supervisor
Rush & Nicholson
Sen. Tony Bisignano
Sen. Joe Bolkcom
Sen. Claire Celsi
Sen. Eric Giddens
Sen. Rob Hogg
Sen. Pam Jochum
Sen. Kevin Kinney
Sen. Janet Petersen
Sen. Herman Quirmbach
Sen. Amanda Ragan
Sen. Jackie Smith
Sen. Zach Wahls
Smith & McElwain
South Central Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
Stacey Walker, Linn County Supervisor
Tax March Iowa
Teamsters Local 238
Tri-City Building & Construction Trades Council
UAW Iowa State CAP Council